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Using Technology and Learning the Science of Music

MacArthur Middle students recently experienced an artist-in-residence visit from Kevin Gift

, a music producer and pianist. The artist-in-residence program is a collaboration between Maryland State Arts Council and Young Audiences. With the help of the DoDEA Grant, local grant funding as well as school funds, MacArthur students were able to take advantage of this great learning opportunity.

As a result of this program, Mr. Gift spent the week of November 2nd-6th working with a variety of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students through their Science classes to provide extended learning opportunities and connect their classroom content to the real world. Students used Audiotool, a free online music production studio, to produce a piece of music that highlights speed, velocity, and time. The students were able to connect their new music to sound waves, communication technology and how the brain interprets sound. When the students completed their new musical creation, shared them with one another as well as various staff dropping in to see what the excitement was all about. One eighth grade participant said, “I really like how we get to work with music and technology. It’s cool.”

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