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How Kindergarten Does 'Hour of Code'

Kindergarten students at West Meade Early Education Center participated in “Hour of Code” the week of December 5. The students used BeeBots to learn how to begin to code. BeeBots are programmable floor robots and are perfect for young learners! They are a great way for primary learners to become exposed to coding. West Meade is very fortunate because the DoDEA grant was able to purchase 12 BeeBots

and 6 floor mats for our young engineers. Students were able to create simple algorithms (set of instructions) to move the BeeBot through a maze using simple commands. The kindergarteners loved this challenging activity. When students were comfortable with coding, they were able to plan a design for a maze they would like to create. The next time the students meet in STEM class they will have the opportunity to continue Hour of Code by creating the mazes they designed. BeeBots prove that is never too early to learn how to code!

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