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Inkblot Monsters!

Recently at MacArthur Middle, Ms. Hughes’ seventh-grade Art students undertook an arts and literacy integration project. They created inkblot monster drawings styled after the work of artist Stefan G. Bucher. Bucher has a website, devoted to the hundreds of inkblot designs he has fashioned into monsters. For 100 days, Bucher filmed himself putting a few drops of ink on a piece of paper each day and transforming the resulting blot into a new monster. Every night he posted the result on his website and stood back in wonder as visitors from all over the world sent in the amazing stories behind each creature. He now has a published book of his artwork.

Students created their own inkblot monsters and then created original narratives of 1-2 pages to tell the story of these creatures. Students were tasked with creating names and identities for their monsters, and crafting a story that featured a conflict, setting, and elements of characterization. The resulting stories were funny, action-packed, and extremely creative.

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