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Community STEM Night at West Meade

Mrs. Suda, our STEM EEE teacher, organized a monster themed Community Night here at West Meade EEC that was held on October 29. 2015 and funded by the DoDea Grant. The staff got together and came up with 7 stations for our school

families to enjoy! While the families attended the event, they were also encouraged to stop by the book fair.

The stations were set up in the cafeteria and in two classrooms. Station 1 reinforced counting and cardinality through a math station called Pumpkin Bowling. The kids

knocked down empty Pringles tubes by rolling a pumpkin at them and keeping track of their score. At the Squishy Circuits area, Station 2, the kids used a special playdoh that conducted electricity, which made an LED bulb light up. When the kids

Station 3, an AVID table, gave the parents the resources they needed to become more knowledgeable about our AVID program. Growth Mindset, station 4, was a goal setting station that reinforced the power of ‘yet’. Station 5, was a Reading Resource station, which provided families with ideas to support their child’s academic learning at home. Last, at stations 6 & 7, the students had the opportunity to show their parents what apps and websites they learn from at school by using the

Chromebooks and iPads. WMEEC’s Community Night was a hit! It was a fun new event funded by the DoDEA grant that provided a variety of learning activities for our community. We are excited to do this again next year!

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