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EEE STEM in Society

West Meade Early Education Center has a brand new cultural arts class this year and it is very new to the county as well. Last year, in the school year of 2014-15, North County piloted this new and upcoming program and now the Meade and South County Cluster are on board for the long run. It is called EEE Stem, which stands for Enhancing Elementary Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. I had the pleasure of sitting down with our new EEE STEM teacher, Robin Suda, so I could learn more about this fantastic new class. Mrs. Suda has been at West Meade

for 17 years, working first as a 5th grade teacher and then as a Kindergarten teacher. Her experience with teaching the military community, knowing what is developmentally appropriate for our 4-6 year old age group, and having a Masters in Science Degree, allows her to be able to focus on this new STEM curriculum. She joined her new EEE STEM team this year in an extensive training that prepared her for this new career path. All of the new Triple E teachers had the pleasure of spending the first 6 weeks back to school this year in EEE STEM Boot Camp. During this boot camp, they learned about Project Based Learning, Growth Mindset, Arts Integration, Trans Disciplinary Concepts, Formative Assessments, Alternative Learning Space, as well as having the opportunity to observe the STEM classes that were piloted last year. The EEE STEM curriculum is broken down into 4 topics, having one new topic each quarter.

Our Pre-K and K students here at WMEEC are currently learning about Structure & Function. Mrs. Suda is given the topic for each unit and many different lesson ideas for each topic. She loves that she has the flexibility to choose her lessons based upon her student’s needs. All her lessons are student centered and she provides the rigorous questioning that encourages the scaffolding of higher

level thinking. Her main goal is to make sure the children are learning how to problem solve and work collaboratively while learning how to think on their feet. She wants the students to learn problem solving and self-monitoring skills that they will carry with them throughout their educational and adult careers. EEE STEM in Society is an exciting new cultural arts class that will enhance excellence in education.

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