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Veterans Are Honored at West Meade EEC

Our family of Veterans were honored at West Meade Early Education Center on Veteran’s Day this year through a variety of special projects. The school, which is almost entirely military connected, planned a Day lunch. To prepare for the celebration, letters were sent home two weeks prior encouraging students and faculty members to honor those who have served by sending in a picture of a family member who is active or retired military. Included with the picture was the name, rank, years of service, and branch of military. The pictures were then hung on “The Wall of Heroes” in the front of the school. The pictures surrounded an American flag made by the students’ handprints to honor their family members. The result was a beautiful mural.

On Veteran’s Day our military parents were invited to eat lunch with their kindergarteners. We are proud to say we had over 100 families participate in this event. It was wonderful to honor our military families by inviting them into our school community.

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